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Everyone wears different hats in life . We play different roles at different times, but we also keep collecting “labels” over time and keep them for life. I will always be the daughter of my parents and I always will have Germany as my place of birth.We add roles during life as this comes with different experiences. We won’t like them all, but we had to play them to be the person we are today.

There is no specific order in the roles I have listed below.



Our wedding day July 2013

Who would have thought that I would finally take the vow. I never ruled it out though and it was never my highest priority. It happen … And I have no regrets.
You can call it whatever you like, but we just clicked when we first met and things just happen in days. Of course we have our up and downs, because our backgrounds are quite different. I drive him mad from time to time and he just makes my eyes roll. But team MJ stands strong. Both of us keep learning.
I’m happy I’ve met you Mark, love you.


My parents in Iceland
My Parents in Iceland 2011

First of all, I have the best parents in the world. Yes, parents can make a child’s eyes rolling, but hey .. that’s life. And I am pretty sure even our parents went through this phase with our grandparents. My parents are part of the baby boomers and they literally live the life of a baby boomer. It is all about entertainment, health and wellness. And they deserve it as much as I will deserve it 😉 Thanks Mum and Dad for letting me live my life as I want … I know, I always chose the most complicated way. Where is the fun? Love you both and I am looking forward to far more adventures either in Germany or in Australia.


Born in the former German Democratic Republic, you can imagine that I already experienced very different and exciting changes throughout my life. There is nothing to regret and no one to blame. All these experiences made me the person I am today.

Germany is such a tiny country in size, however at the same time this country and its 80 million people have a huge influence in how the world ticks. But why do I highlight that? When I started to travel, lived and worked overseas and finally saw and experienced Germany from “outside”, my views and opinions changed. I have learned about Germany from non-German people so much and you will be surprised what you hear. I really suggest, if you want to learn more about your country … leave it for a couple of months. You will appreciate and respect the lifestyle and the people.

Germany will always be my home and I know I always can come back. But I also haven’t finished discovering the world.  😉

Network Marketer

I have been active in the network marketing industry since 2007. Why network marketing? Because I believe this industry is the business of the 21st century. Robert Kyosaki has nailed it down in his book. Network Marketing gives you access to very unique products and ready-to-go business systems. Everyone, yes everyone, can do network marketing. This industry has created more millionaires than any other industry, especially women! And there is another thing that comes with network marketing … personal development. A network marketing company wants you to succeed and most of them give you access to high quality material to learn and practice the skills you need to be a better YOU.

Which company you should go with? That is absolutely up to you. Big Al – Tom Schreiter says it best:

All companies have problems. There is no perfect company with the perfect people, the perfect products, the perfect price ….. You simply chose the company you wish to  have the problems with.

Scientist in Computational Biology

Dr Me :)
Dr Me 🙂

This is something I am actually quite proud of. In 2010 I graduated at the University of Queensland in Brisbane as a Doctor of Philosophy in the area of Computational Biology. I love the research, I love writing scripts and I love testing things, love biology and human behaviour and playing around with that. But what I like most is questioning everything. I think this is called critical thinking in the Personal Development area.

The four years at UQ couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done my Engineer degree in Germany before. Awesome time with a great bunch of people. And I am very grateful to have spent that time with those geniuses. 8) You know guys who you are.



Yeah, I know, it is hard to believe, but I am from a female gender 😉 Although I am most comfortable in a pair of trousers, I do own high heels and even claim to be able to walk in them.

As a child I kept fighting against being seen as a girl … I didn’t like wearing skirts, had always short hair, played soccer, preferred to stick around Dad to learn all the handy-man skills. However, puberty kicked in and I couldn’t hide it anymore, hehe.

I am lucky enough to live in a country, where women are treated as women, although some old good manners got lost over time and the new generation seems to have lost a bit of respect for each other but mostly for themselves, but that’s a completely out of context now.

I have been raised to an independent woman and I am quite proud of that. On the other hand, that made me a quite stubborn person and I actually might be difficult to live with.  But time will tell. I have been in a couple of relationships and I appreciate every single one. Currently I miss having family around me, so hopefully soon my current partner and I will “hang around” more often.

Being a woman should not only describe your gender, I also see it as the driving force in a family.

“Teach a women and you teach a whole family.”

And I want to have a big family … so watch out 😉

Engineer in Bioinformatics



Student for/of life

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