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it’s all about distribution

I really have to get this off my chest.

Just went to a store to get a beauty product I normally buy, but for some reason the shop was out of stock. The thing is that I was there already 2 days ago and nothing had changed regarding the stock in 2 days.

A couple of month ago there was a similar situation. I contacted the company that produces that specific product and asked them if I can purchase it directly from them, so I don’t waste my time going to a shop for nothing. Their answer was “wow … our products are in such a demand, that is great”. WTF?

What kind of customer service is that, to be proud of running out of stock at your distribution centres? Do you really think I am waiting until you have stocked up again? I want the product now. I want the product when I go to the shop. Who loses here? The manufacturer loses my sale. The retail shop loses a sale and I lose, because I don’t get the product at the time I wanted it.

What can be changed? I can change my shopping behaviour … I go to a direct marketing company, where I can buy the products straight from the manufacturer. All dependencies to a middle man is gone. I buy the products when I need them and I know I will get them and mostly actually delivered straight to my door. So no need to go to a shop to check whether the product is actually available.

That’s it … decision made. I will save time which I can use for more fun stuff in life 🙂

What do you do when your favourite product is not available?