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As soon as I lay down, I fall asleep. And sometimes baby boy still running around. Who to blame? Of course myself, but also the permanent change of dosage of my medication. 

I had found the right dosage  and stuck to it for years. However, i wanted to find out whether my body can heal itself, when I just eat the right things. I still believe us human beings can do that. For me just the circumstances run a bit out of control, like leaving the country, marriage, new job, new life and baby boy. 

Now I feel like I need to start from scratch. Get the right dosage and get your life sorted. Then we can talk again.

As already listed in the last post, I really want to get things done, personally and at work. And at the moment things are quite overwhelming. Though, I am getting baby steps done. I guess I can’t see the changes until I have done a couple more baby steps. Additionally, there are still too many steps backwards. And if I or we could sort them out, that would be just wonderful. What are those steps backwards? Here some examples as I see it today:

  • Lack of planning
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of goal setting ( to a degree)

Big issue, but we have to tackle them slowly. I’m still learning and I might repeat some mistakes, the thing is, most of the circumstances have changed. 

Ok, before my eyes are closing again, I better finish off this post.

Good night everyone.

Back to the basics

iliotibial-band-syndromeThe accident that happen a couple of days ago didn’t seem to have any major effects on me till Sunday. For almost 2 days now I’m in major pain for me outside upper left leg. Something must have shifted. I can’t put any weight on my leg, so walking and climbing stairs are kind of a nightmare at the moment. Even touching the pelvis there is very painful, a possible inflammation. The most annoying part is the resting pain, I can hardly sleep.
So, what to do? My quadriceps and my glutes need the usual massage to learn to relax. The hammies need some stretching too. Our Physiotherapist at work can give me daily massages (yes I know, what a luxury). This morning I didn’t do any stretching at home, bad girl. Let’s see what else we can do to this muscles and tendons.

Back to work. Miss my boys. They will be training our new housegirl today. Hopefully they have fun.

Peace out!

Give it another go

a2c173cb-2c91-43bd-b9f4-dd3279ec58e016 push ups, 16 sit ups and 16 squats … Our new daily workout routine has begun. Why 16? Because today is the 16th of the month. So we will have a daily increase and maybe 1-2 rest days during the week.
The will is there, but sometimes the flesh is weak. We will see how long we can commit to a routine. It’s always good to see that we at least again and again. When boy is bigger, we will take him to a morning walk.
We need more practise and experience in all this fitness stuff. So I just keep going with my instructions and the workouts for myself.
Peace out!

Sharing is caring

PL4L81kOh man, how much I love walking through the markets on a Thursday morning here in Lautoka. Watermelon, pineapple, Indian spices, lettuce and so much more. Breakfast just right on front of me!
Things have changed for me when it comes to fruits. I still remember we felt so special when we had bananas when I was a child. Oranges for Christmas was really something special. The banana was divided in 3 even pieces and shared between my parents and myself. Oranges and mandarines we peeled with love and care not to waste any juice. Same for watermelon, it was just so special.
Times have changed in Germany, but also we as human beings have moved on. Living now in Fiji is like living in paradise for me when it comes to fruits. Bananas are available all year around and they are still as mother nature made them. No artificial ripeners, flavor enhancer or some seedlessness. In Australia I already enjoyed the abundance of fruits, but still too much artificial influence during the growth process.
The sharing of fruits as I have mentioned above is a memory of my childhood I will never forget and I’m so grateful to my parents that I could have this luxury to learn and experience this.
Food in general is a hot topic for me. I believe nature has provided us with enough food, it’s just that humans became greedy and wanted food faster or someone wanted different food to be different (someone better) to everyone else.
I’m sure I will keep talking about this topic many more times, but I’m reaching work now.

Forgot my mandarines today 🙁

Peace out!

What happened to my workout routine

milo_carrying_bull_calf_starting-strength-workout-routine-300x210There it is, my workout commitment. Not even a full week I can stick to it. Why? For example the last 2 nights we spent at in-law’s place. The workout should be the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. But that habit is not established yet. First thing in the morning is still baby and his needs. Fair enough! But I shouldn’t forget myself in the whole process. Luckily we had our aerobic session yesterday at work, so I’m not losing out that much.
What I have to do is just getting back on track. It doesn’t matter how many times I think I fail, as long as I have the will and commitment to keep going I am good.
Funny how I haven’t failed yet to go to work. Wondering how that works. 😉
Peace out … See my boys tonight!

What a feeling

Yeah, after almost 2 years I have my blender back. The banana smoothie this morning … man … What a taste! Like the good old days. And all the stuff we can do now, blended soups, smoothies, baby food, crash the herbs and spices, ice cream! So many things I can put on our menu now. Happy days! Thanks for sending it over Daina.
And all the drinks I can take with me to work. I better prepare a list with what I need, so I can take my smoothies to work and Mark doesn’t need to cook just for me. Hopefully he sees it like I do.
In the same parcel the Fijian phrasebook arrived as well. No excuses anymore … I need to learn Fijian now.
Love my family and my life … off work. Peace out!

19th of the month – 19 push ups

Last month and this month are push-up months. That means the day of the month determines the number of push up I do during my morning workout. Yes, I skip some days, when baby decides to wake up early too. But I’m sure we will fit this in somehow in the near future as well.
Obviously, it’s not only push ups, I try to do the whole body, core, abs, legs and stretches. The goal is to feel good and get rid of the baby belly as much as possible. And I’m still working on my right calf. Calf raises and stretches is a must, this area still hasn’t recovered from the numbness back in 2013. Last night it woke me up with a “good” cramp. At least I know it’s awake and responding.
Also, my glutes need their daily treatment, otherwise I feel it in the lower back. During the day I have to be aware of my posture, sitting all day became a punishment for me. Or as the new saying says

sitting is the new smoking

though i need to come up with some stretches for my neck, it’s getting very tense there. Tomorrow I will start running the boxercise classes at work. I better get a routine, otherwise it won’t flow nicely. I’m still excited about it.
Maybe my lovely husband can give me a nice massage tonight. You should see him giving baby a massage, oh man, I’m so jealous, hehe!

Ok, of to work. Love my little fitfamily … Peace out!


Just trying

So, it was my birthday yesterday and I wanted to spend the evening with my little family. And so we did. I didn’t want my husband to cook for us as he always does, so I brought home some fast food. I think the first time for at least 2 years. There is this new restaurant in town, just across the market. And I thought coming from work “why not, give it a try”. Worst thing that can happen, it will taste awful.
Though it didn’t taste awful, but it gave me such a headache. Oh man, not funny. This chemical bomb just hit me. Big lesson learnt again. Also, another lesson learnt, what is for me one meal, is for my husband just a snack. So he ended up still cooking for him the actual meal. And I had the chocolate for myself.
I know I won’t have this kind of fast food very soon. Anyway, had a great time with baby and hubby. Another year older and never stop learning.
Happy day and peace out!

Start all over again

Yes, back into a small workout routine in the morning for a couple of days already. It consist of

  • push ups – day of the month (will start doing different varieties of push ups)
  • plank – can be different variations
  • lunges or squads
  • stretches for lower back and glutes
  • calf raises and stretches

As long as I do something in the morning I’m happy. It reduces the pain I have in my left leg and my legs seem to be less restless. The best part is I make my baby laugh in the morning. He has an incredible smile, that makes him so adorable.
Any longterm goals with that? First of all, it has to become a habit, otherwise no point. Secondly, I have to increase intensity, like adding weights etc. Time-wise I’m not that flexible with baby and job. However, we will find a way.
Daina will be sending me soon another fitness book. I would love to stay on top with my fitness and my knowledge. I love doing it.
Another day in paradise! Love my boys and miss them already. You guys have a fun day and see you in the afternoon. We will go through it.

Peace out!

nothing beats fresh fish in lolo

it’s healthy and all home grown, kumala with boiled fish in lolo (coconut milk) … so yummy and done quickly (at least when done by my hubby).

Food here in Fiji has been a big issue for me, as people just love to eat meat, be it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am still strong with my mind and try to find my way around as a vegetarian. What I really enjoy is eating all these fruits, as it looks like no one else is eating them. And also, they are not accounted for being a meal anyway.

So in our fridge you will find next to fried fish, some fruit salad and minced beef