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yes, I am running late with today’s post. But I want to show commitment and here we go, today’s post with today’s collected thoughts. (Maybe not as intensive as yesterday’s ones).

I am surprised to be so active, although my thyroid is in slow mode … even my dose is too low, but we want to see how I go. So far so good.

Most of today’s thoughts were triggered by an very angry email I have received this morning. What would you do if the person doesn’t believe you what you say and even claims that you run away. (I haven’t even left Earth yet, and I am not planning to) Fiji is still reachable for everyone. Anyway, today’s thoughts with comments were:

  • After a long time, I have done my own breakfast with bananas and mother of all herbs leaves … add a bit of water and blend it up. So yummy and refreshing. Hopefully can make it a routine! (Now that everything is growing in our garden!)
  • Imagine people come and offer you help. However, you don’t see the need to ask for help as you can manage more or less by yourself, because you know you can. But still, they come and help out. And then they expect something in return. Hey, I didn’t ask for the help … why do I feel betrayed? Sure, it is a nice move of them, but … No but? Do I have to accept every help? Or is it because I find it hard to share or give back? I am a single child after all. No solution for that issue yet, but it is bothering me for a while now and it might put me in bigger problems.
  • The above issue makes me feel guilty again and I start putting myself down. NOT HELPING! Where to start? Forgiving myself and others sounds like a plan. That means I need to find time and space to do the actual action of forgiving. Mostly I try to pray or meditate over it. I guess it is just a question of time … so just keep doing gurl!
  • I have read a quote today in facebook about removing the toxic people out of your life. Sure, sounds easy, but what if they keep coming back and keep bothering and blaming you? Then forgiving and forgetting seems to be impossible. At the end it depends how I react to their action. I decide how I feel about it. Don’t let other people trigger your mood.
  • Bohhh, we run out of tamarind at work … how could this happen? And where I live, tamarind is kind of everywhere. Just need to find the people who will shake the trees and collect the beans and peel them and pit the seeds. It’s not the big money … it’s the bulk which should be attractive. And I am lacking time! What can we do to utilize the situation. Send husband and son to collect tamarind? Get neighbours daughter to climb up the tree and shake it, so I just need to collect it? The more people involved the more we have to share the profit. Oh, don’t be sooo selfish. I love the whole process and I will keep doing it. I just need the idea and strategy how to bring it to the next level. Just by myself is not working.

Ok, better head off to bed … running very late here. Have a good night people. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start!

Love my boys

Just adapt

adapt smaller copy2Can you live without your phone, laptop, watch, car, partner or best friend? Things break from time to time, and some things meant to break, especially when the warranty is over! 😜 it’s not the end of the world. After a while we wonder how much we worried about it … But life moved on like nothing happened. It really shows what really matters. 

I left my bestie behind in Australia 2 years ago. Yes, still in contact, but surely I miss the face time with her. No bestie here yet … But life goes on. 

Phone finally died with lots and lots of data and info that were stored only on that phone. Couple of days no phone, then bought a less featured phone and I’m still alive! 

Sometimes I have the impression someone else is living my life. Everything I wanted to do she is doing. Jealous? Kind of … Can’t stop it. What am I gonna do about it? I try to adapt. I will live my life in such a way that I’m steering the wheel towards my goals. My goals are still the same … Little adjustments and corrections needed, but I’m heading there. Some goals I have achieved without noticing or acknowledging them. But it’s the end of the year soon … Time to reflect and adjust. 

I better get back to sleep … It’s 4:27am … Off peak internet only 😜 have to adapt for the rest of the month.

Peace out!

Go green or stick to the law

carpool_02So, here is the story. I need transport to town every morning. The busses are either not on time or to irregular, therefore unreliable. Second option would be taking a cab and pay up to $5.00. Compared to the bus trip of $0.70 significant more expensive. Third option taking a return cab. How it works is a cab driver supposedly on his way back from a normal ride, picks up people from the street who want to go in the same direction, market for example. And every “hitchhiker” pays the fee as it would be a bus ride. So the cab driver gets 4 x $0.70 = $2.80 instead of $5.00 from one passenger.
It’s kind of wrong and right at the same time. The pros are:

  • driver can earn additional money when he is actually on his return trip
  • it’s cheaper for the passengers
  • quick money for cab drivers who don’t want to chase and wait for “normal” passengers
  • environmental friendly, because one car takes 4 passengers instead of 4 cars with one each
  • seem to be more frequent than busses

So, there is also a cont’s side to it:

  • it’s illegal
  • the driver decides where to drop you off
  • driver earns less money, when he could get paid almost double for the same trip

I’m sure both lists are not complete, that are the only points that came to my mind in this short time.

I really like the point that it is environmentally more friendly than normal cabs, taking the bus out of the equation. Of course normal cab drivers are angry about it. We should do something about it, to take the illegality away and to value more this kind of car pooling.

Let’s think about and do something about it!
Peace out!

Your logic, my logic

Why can’t people just think like me? 😉 the ultimate question. Maths should be straight forward, but even simple income, expenses and profit calculation can end up in weeklong discussions. Sometimes I wonder why, why are we discussing at all, it’s so straight forward. Income – expenses = profit and no shortcuts please!

I will put down a simple table we have to fill out on our weekly meetings. Maybe the gang like to see something like that. Fingers crossed! Otherwise I might have to withdraw from my treasurer position 🙁
And back to work … Our currently main income stream!
Wake up Sprenger and find a better way for your family. Love them!
Peace out!

Things you don’t like to talk about

Funny, how can be something you don’t have such a burden? It gives sleepless nights, arguments with loved ones, you can be ashamed of it and sometimes it even can be life threatening.
I’m talking about money.
Tough times when you can’t ends meet. Or even have to take a loan or ask family and friends. Not a nice situation to be in. The question could be how to go through a situation like this, but I think it is more important to ask yourself how to get OUT of it and what structures you have to put into place so this won’t happen again. If you keep doing what you are doing, it will be the same outcome.
Your expenses are cut down to the essentials. Next step is to find ways to increase your income.

  • ask for pay rise
  • find another job
  • have a second income stream, like your partner gets a job
  • you get a second job

everyone has to think for himself, as every family is different.
I’m reaching my work now and I have to make a decision for my family too.

Peace out!

Faith comes and goes

Things happen for a reason, they say. Why did I go to school for so long, if I can’t apply any of my knowledge I have gained? Why am I not interested to actually work in the area I have a degree for? I could easily blame the education system, but I’m tired of this blame game. I understand that I want to know as much as possible, but I’m not smart enough to put it into action.
I’m struggling financially and I’m lacking confidence. So, what to do? I want to be strong for my family and myself. Time is not on my side. Just keep doing what I’ve been doing? This obviously didn’t workout well. Giving up some independence and live with family for some time? Could be an option. Swapping roles with husband, that means he is going back to the workforce and I stay home? Finding a babysitter for our little hurricane and both of us go working?
Too many questions with no answer. Too much uncertainty … Awful feeling. Having a plan is one thing, sticking to it is another.
I miss my family everyday when I go to work. Things have changed there and I’m not enjoying it anymore. I started as an exercise instructor for a reason and I miss that part. The IT is killing me, slowly.
I’m trying to have faith, but it comes and goes. Everyday is different and things can change quickly.
I’m on my way to work … Another day with uncertainty 🙁

Peace out!

So many questions

IMG_3487.JPGI’m behind, I’m behind … With writing a blog every day. Anyhow … we just keep going.

My self-confidence roller coaster is taking loops. And I just don’t know where to start thinking, planning or motivating myself. Literally, as soon as I’ve planned something, something else is coming up.

Tomorrow I’ll start, and then baby requires more attention than usual and I’m falling asleep when I’m feeding him. So what to do, when one step forward means two step backwards? We chose a different path? What are our options? How to map it down? What is realistic?

And who could we ask? No one nearby has been in a similar situation. Are we trying to hard to be different? Do we try to please everyone else and keep forgetting ourselves? Should we be more selfish?

Is there something we can’t let go? Do we hesitate to look over the edge of the comfort zone? What do we really want? We had so many meetings, but did they bring any clarity or clear road map?

Is there any work I can do to a satisfactory degree? It feels like anything I touch, I’m scared to fail in. The personal development world has taught, you can do anything, if you just put your mind into it, etc. But I blew it up. My certification don’t reflect my practical knowledge, because of lack of practice? Maybe. So what to do? Another certificate or should I finally try to stick to some kind of trade? But what if other things are out of my control?

Any answers, advice or ideas are welcome!

I’m planning not to give up, not yet.

Peace out!

Theory vs practice

IMG_3417.JPGAt the end of the day I need to make a decision. I have been put in a position I didn’t want to do anymore. I knew enough to help family and friends, but I won’t be able to make a living out of it. The last years I did enjoy the fitness path I had entered and yes, I gained one certificate and I’m in the process to do another one. After all we are in a system of certificates. But the practical part I enjoyed and it was good for my body too.
Am I able ( financially) to fully commit to it? There is physically no mentor near by, the closest one is my best friend and buddy Daina in Brisbane, three flight hours away.
It still won’t be that easy as I’m in a foreign country. Of course I have the option to go back “home” to Germany, but as what profession? I seriously want to enjoy my life. Familial I have found what I was looking for. The universe gave me a loving and caring husband and beautiful child. I am healthy and I’m keen to keep learning. Just in the vocational area I’m still struggling and life has put plenty of obstacles in my way.
So yes, there is a huge difference between theory and practice. So maybe the system should consider that … They request one certificate after the other but how do one gain the hands-on skills?
I can tell my son how to sit, but he won’t be able to sit until he tried again, again and again.

they say to smile all the time and make other happy … I have tried and lost myself in there.