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busy the right way

Thoughts of the day (edited):
– yeah, it was raining last night, so we don’t need to water the garden
– did my yoga
– yes, I have my black tea in the morning but I also get my banana smoothie, as Mark brought some nice bananas
– bring on the new day … we will make it happen … love my life
– Loved the singing this morning : Sa qai rogo mai na domo
– during meditation I ended up somehow thinking about bloodtransfusion in Munich (Schwabinger Krankenhaus)
– love being busy, I just hope it is the right “being busy”
– Have to get smarter and set up process, especially when it comes to do data analysis … I am doing it the hard way
– Dschungelcamp … really? that is the top news in STERN?
– Novamind: free lite cloud version
– tiiiiiirrreeeeeeed
– those people … no interest in proper formatting
– please … get back on track with R
– yeah, just finished more R-exercise from week 1
– won’t be easy

I was happy to see some rain. It definitely makes things easier for us with those seedlings outline. For my morning routine I would love to have fresh fruits for smoothies, but unfortunately the shop can’t provide every day. One more reason to have them all ready in our own backyard. To wake up I need some kind of carbohydrates, and at the moment it is still black tea with some sugar. Any other choice?

During the day I really have some hyper time, where I feel I’m moving forward. Maybe it’s because of the worship
S we sing in the morning. Love it the Fijian way.

The whole data analysis and data entry process need to be more systemwide do, otherwise it becomes very tidies work. So R comes very handy. Every day one more step in the course. I can see modules coming up I really need for the latest paper.

I’m also trying other tools to free my mind, and the mind mapping tool Novamind comes handy, but also quite a distraction. So I better leave it for the time being.

I don’t mind helping people, but simple formatting should be a standard skill. I need them to look over my shoulder and learn.

Please universe be on my side during hard and easy times, take away all the worry and give me the courage to ask the right questions.

Sleeping time … moce!

Plan B

download (15)It’s good to have plans, goals and dreams. But don’t expect it to be a smooth ride. Plan A is there to fail, so always have a plan B. What if there is no hope for plan B either? don’t you worry, the alphabet has still 24 more letters to label your various plans. ( and the Russian alphabet has even a couple more letters 🙂 )
Goals are there to be achieved. There are many ways to go from A to B. Obstacles will come your way, either put in there by yourself or by others. And sometime it seems you are going backwards. It’s ok to have your down time. But getting back up and undistinguished yourself and moving on is sometimes the distinction between success and failure.
Easy to write about it, but I find it hard to even implement it in my life. It seems a permanent struggle. Just a single smile from my boy in the morning can make my day. Everything I do I do for myself and my family.
I said it many times, only when you are happy you can share the happiness with your family. Do what you love to do, and work won’t feel like work anymore.

Apropo work, I’m almost there.

Love my boys!

Peace out!

Sleepless nights

So much opportunities out there and only that much time available. Looks like I will have a couple more night shifts.

I registered with edx and started some online courses. For USD50 I will be able to get even a certificate at the end.
My first course is on Work-Life balance. This should be interesting, how to manage both more efficiently, as I’m not really keen to compromise in any.
The other course I registered with is on data analysis for life science with R. I really need that for work. Fingers crossed I learn something till our big day, 14th of November, the world diabetics day.
All that means probably less sleep. Will see how my body reacts to it.

On my way to work.
Miss and love my boys.

Peace out

What to do about it – SDGs in Fiji

You can bring a human to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.

How true is that? To think for yourself seems to be impossible for the majority of people. At school we learn facts, but they don’t teach us to think. They make us dependent on handouts etc. this whole system needs a complete crash down and rebuild.

Look for yourself, read for yourself … Easier than Google and Wikipedia is almost not possible. Do you care about yourself, your family, your community, your country, our planet? Stop thinking small and that global issues won’t affect you locally. Yes, Fiji is a small countries … But it is a country and home for almost 1 million people. Nothing wrong to care about it a little bit.

Sustainable development goals sounds big, but every single goal of all those 17 need to be actioned on here in Fiji. Of course it’s not easy and for most of the 17 goals we are still not clear how to tackle them. If it would be easy than already the 8 millennium goals would have solved the world’s biggest problem … Poverty.

Do you want to help or you want to ignore the urge of doing something about it? I know for myself that I won’t stop nagging about it. Although I’m not perfect, neither is my family. But we talk about things at home, we try to change our habits. We fail and we get up again. We have nothing to lose by trying, because we know if we don’t do anything, nothing will change.

Where to start? Just ask question, be curious. Don’t wait until someone tell you what to do … Take the initiative! You can only learn from … And this hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

Peace out and I see you around!

Don’t even think it comes easy to me to get up and speak. I’m scared to be told off, to be ridiculed, to not know the answer, to be questioned … But I do it anyway, because I care.

More training needed

'Multi-skilling course.'
‘Multi-skilling course.’
We have been asked to fill out a form asking whether we need more training to fulfill our role. So, what do I say? What are my career plan with my current organisation?
If it was me I would like to learn about agriculture and beekeeping. But also more about exercise or fitmoves for older and obese people.
However, my logic side says improve your data skills. You suck in MS Access and MS Excel is not your strength either. Maybe there is a middle way.
What role do I want to play in the next 2 years? Head of data? IT director? Community fitness manager? I remember during a workshop saying that I would love to run the FRIEND Olympics in 2 to 3 years.
What is doable and realistic with my family on the side?

It is only a form so far and I should be ambitious as possible. I’m not signing up for anything yet. Will finish that form today so I get this out of my head.

Back to work … Peace out!

Oh happy day

IMG_3448.JPGI had a plan for today, but first thing in the morning you get told there will be a morning training. Fair enough, we can squeeze that in.
Before everyone leaves to their workspace, it was announced that every department should have their meeting now and the minutes should be submitted before lunch time. Cool, why not, gives me a chance to hold everyone accountable regarding their data. That I will be the one taking the minutes, somehow unavoidable.
Whew, finally at my desk typing up the minutes. Your computer doesn’t want to switch on? Check the cables and voila! You are welcome!
Then checking emails, I see a note that articles are required for the latest newsletter from a medical survey we did. As I was the one who run the analysis, I will be therefore the one submitting that article.
Mmmmhhh, almost lunch time … Just checking what I was suppose to do?
Oh yes, we wanted to meet during lunch time regarding the morning training, but one team member went to town, makes sense. Haven’t seen him all day …
Fresh fish with lolo for lunch (yesterday’s blog) … still yummy. Wow, 2pm already, quick call to my men at home if everything is alright. Spending 5 minutes on the phone trying to get baby (not even 5 month old) to talk to me, heheh! Still some time left till next meeting …. Finally I can do some stuff that was planned.

Half an hour later, what happen to that meeting? Oh, it has been postponed to tomorrow … Thanks for letting me know.

You want what … A Skype meeting? Sure I can setup the laptop for you. Oh man, these data don’t make sense. You give stuff to people you don’t even know? Anyway, let’s record them.

Oh, quickly have a look at these data from team B. Would be good to format the table into the proper standard. What’s that … table in tables? Yeah, the ultimate timesaver I was looking for … Arghhh, more cleaning to do.

Ooops. 5:10pm already, would love to catch that bus … Of course mam, I’m just standing here for fun, go ahead and skip the queue.

Gotta love such days and I’m not even home yet LOL

Peace out!

Being a trainer is so much more

… then I thought.

Being a student all my life, I am used to that people question me and look down to me somehow. I know that is not helping my self-confidence, but at least I am aware of it.

10236design-1For a couple of months now I am in a situation where people ask me for help and show gratitude for it. And I feel good doing that. I feel that I have so much to share. It is a challenging job, but I don’t want to call it a job either. I love doing that.

There is still the fear of failure, the fear of not fulfilling the job I was hired for. I want results, immediate results, although I know that won’t happen in most cases.

I want to be a leader, a manager, a trainer … I know I can do it.

So let’s do that. I have learnt so much so far in this organisation … I still have so much more to give.

More to come …