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The biology of belief

Medical doctors are caught between an intellectual rock and a corporate hard place; they are pawns in the huge medical industrial complex. Their healing abilities are hobbled by an archaic medical education founded on a Newtonian, matter-only universe. Unfortunately, that philosophy went out of vogue seventy-five years ago, when physicists officially adopted quantum mechanics and recognized that the universe is actually made out of energy.
In their postgraduate years, those same doctors receive their continuing education about pharmaceutical products from drug reps, the errand boys of the corporate healthcare industry. Essentially, these nonprofessionals whose primarily goal is to sell product, provide doctors with "information" about the efficacy of new drugs. Drug companies freely offer this "education" so they can persuade doctors to push their products. It is evident that the massive quantities of drugs prescribed in this country [USA] violate the Hippocratic Oath taken by all doctors to "First do no harm". We have been programmed by pharmaceutical corporations to become a nation of prescription drug-popping junkies with tragic results. We need to step back and incorporate the discoveries of quantum physics into biomedicine so that we can create a new, safer system of medicine that is attuned to the laws of nature.
taken from Chapter 4 of The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton (PhD).

The Genius in You

Dr John Demartini made a great statements in one of his books called “Breakthrough Experience”.

Our own soul is the ultimate guardian spirit, and a genius is one who listens to their soul and obeys

Unfortunately most people are listening to the outer voice. We listen more to other people’s opinion, systems and expectations and we are trying hard to fit in. This results in lack of motivation, procrastination, fights and dislikes.

What is it, that keeps us so small and obeying to others instead to ourselves? Are we scared to speak up? Is the social pressure that big? What do we have to lose?

When can we all start to acknowledge the genius in us? Now? But … there is no but. You have been put here on Earth for a reason. You have been given a talent, so master it. The only limit you have is time, the time being here on Earth. Don’t waste your time following a system set up by others. Don’t try to be like them … even you might reach a similar level, you won’t be happy, because that is not you, the real you.

Start to love yourself, acknowledge your soul’s message and your life will be fulfilled.

I like reading Demartini’s book and I already attended a couple of his events here in Brisbane. In the video below we even got the opportunity to get John to send our team a message.

My homework is now to release my genius. I have it like everyone else has it. However, something is suppressing it. What are your dislikes and likes? Where do you think are your skills? I don’t mean the skills on your Resume, I mean the skills given to you when you were placed here in Earth. What’s your purpose?



The Social Network

How facebook was made
David Fincher's The Social Network

I’ve just finished watching the movie The Social Network. Maybe I should mention before that I am not into movies and I don’t understand the hype about them in general.

I really liked the review from someone on the IMDb site:

Just because something is a TRUE STORY does not necessarily make it interesting.

I absolutely agree with that. There is nothing exciting in this movie. Yes, I really liked the way Mark Zuckerberg talks, reacts etc … but only because I am similar. And yes, I am not a hugger either 😉

However, what can we learn from this?

  • Life is a journey and you will find new friends and lose others … that’s ok. That’s part of the protocol put down by the Universe.
  • Learn from the people who have already been where you want to be, but most importantly learn from their mistakes.
  • Get help asap … you can’t do everything by yourself
  • Do not hug geeks!

Facebook is not very user-friendly and the interface is (sry) ugly. It is not fancy. But, it does the job and it is THE marketing machine at the moment. It is not about perfection, it is about progress. The later statement is one of my weaknesses, which I can turn into a strength … just a question of time.

Learn to use Facebook properly and it will do good for you. Just start by liking me for example! 😉