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FCKeditor issues with Drupal

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Looks like after months of knowing about this issue, I finally attacked it and won. At least for one of my website I could fix the issue.

So, what was the issue?

I did get the following error
You are using a feature that requires $cookie_domain to be set, but it is not set in your settings.php.
and it told me that I need to disable the quick-upload function etc. I am currently on Drupal 6.20 and all modules are up-to-date.

Adventurous as I am I started to google and found the always useful forum of the Drupal community. I really mean it … the Drupal community is great and very helpful.

So, what did I do to remove the error:

  1. in my settings.php I enabled $cookie_domain = '';. By default this line is commented out.
  2. then in the config file of editor/filemanager/connectors/php/ I added just under $Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] = '' ; the following line require_once "../../../../../filemanager.config.php";

This actually made it working for me again. No error message and I can do this now for all my other Drupal sites.

Thanks to the Drupal community!