Anatomy of Me

We had today an interesting discussion in our Facebook group, a closed group set up by my friend, mentor, PT and life coach Daina 😉

Here is my initial comment:

Frontal view - April 2013
Frontal view – April 2013

Up for an anatomy lesson?
That’s me in the pics taken just last week with a history of chronic lower back pain and stiffness. (I know I could work on my tan a bit)

Findings from the radiologists: Normal lumbosacral alignment and curvature. vertebral body heights normal. Disc heights within normal limits. sacroiliac joints within normal limits. very early degenerative changes on L5/S1 facet joints.

Sagittal View - April 2013
Sagittal View – April 2013

Findings from me: Why the heck am I in such a pain when everything is classified to be in NORMAL range?

What the radiologist didn’t mention is that I have a light shift to the left (I draw the red line to see it better). He didn’t mention that L1/L2 and L1/T12 (see red circles) are far too close to each other. there is also degenerative changes between L4/L5.

GP response: So, nothing really to worry about. Do you want some more pain killers prescribed?

Me: No, thanks. I stick to D’s program and to Luka’s massage to losen up my gluts and lower back muscles, to strengthen my abs and work on my general posture.

Conclusion: always get more than one opinion, be it another GP, a PT, a Physio, a Chiro .. but most important … listen to yourself and watch yourself. Be aware of how you walk, sit, stand … look at your posture. You will be surprised what you sometimes see.


Amongst others, my 2 favourite mentors, Daina & Daniel from FitLife, commented on the thread as well. With their permission, here is Daina’s comment:

Each profession has its main focus and own way of looking at these things. Each of those professions you stated Rainbow Bambi would look at these X-rays in a completely different way to each other. The sad thing is that we are only happy to go with ONE way of looking at them too… Chiro’s look at how the skeleton is protecting the nervousness system so evidence of scoliosis, subluxations, spurs, lordosis and the likes it says to them that there can be interference with the nervous system. Dr’s/GP’s have such a HUGE RANGE of which they label NORMAL that it changes each decade and is far too general. They need to see something BROKE!! Before they do anything… PT’s are all trained differently.. Depending on their level of enthusiam and interest in each sub branch within the HEALTH FIELD. I used to set up peeps for xrays and draw up X-rays for my chiro. It was interesting to learn about the way a chiro looked at the spine compared to a physio and a GP. When we look at our body and the way it is functioning with pure interest and enthusiasm we are able to look at it objectively because we will start asking the right questions and see things that we will innately know needs to be addressed….. Nice lil lesson here Rainbow Bambi x

(Note: “Rainbow Bambi” is my internal nick name 😉 )

Daniel’s comment:

When the skeletal system has interference and causes subluxations or nerve interference the body reacts to it in all different ways, no individual will feel the same way, some no pain with others with severe discomfort. I have learnt this from our mentors (Ian Odwyer) that we only know 3 percent of the body! 3 percent! so doctors, chiro’s, Physio’s and PT’s etc are guided by what has worked before, what they have studied and what they know through application to support the body but you are the one that’s knows your body best .. We call that your “bio feedback” (Scott Abel) another mentor we follow ..,,,but you need to trust people that get it right most of the time .. I am very picky on who I trust and so should we all when it comes to our care .. But trust your own bio feedback and trust health care professionals that get you 🙂


There is really nothing to add anymore. Plenty of food for thought. Nothing really new, nothing revolutionary, it’s all about how we approach the things we know without shortcuts.

To your health … 🙂