back in gym with updated program

Last Thursday Daina updated my program a little bit, so I thought I will check that out today and also take the time to see how long I need for the whole program.

First thing I noticed … the DB matrix … I could do the whole movement without actual pain … loved it as I could feel the hammies doing their part, I focused on getting the right position and I watched the pain threshold. But all good.

Still love the work on the foam roller … back keeps cracking and my chest keeps stretching when I put my arms in a 10-2 position … this is a long process to get my chest up.

so, the change was now that I don’t do the leg curls anymore 🙁 … loved them, but Daina took them out of the program. So, I did the modified plank instead 3 rounds … 10 sec off and on to get the focus on a whole body tension and not only upper body. Not sure if that was successful today, but hey … Rome wasn’t build in a week either 😀

Shoulder press with 7.5kg dumb bells … good exercise, not keen to put on more weight and keep focusing on getting the posture right. The Wall Hip Mobility exercise reminds me a bit of my ballet hours I took a loooong time ago. Things you do to stay fit, hey? Very good exercise and challenging every time because the hip has to be in the right position. Luka massaged my Hip flexors last Friday … no, he actually tortured them … when u touch me there, I kill you … new pain type for me. That’s the most scary part I am not looking forward to.

Seated row with 14kg … no pain, but I could move my whole body to get the complete required movement done. Anterior reaches … awesome today, the hammies did their part as well. I think I am getting there to get the work out of my lower back.

Triple threat, I really need to work on my posture there. i am scared I am arching my back too much, but looking in the mirror it seems to be the opposite. A question for the PT then 😉

Ok, the whole session took me exactly an hour … so, see you back in the gym probably tomorrow arvo .. as it is Monday.