back to the start?

I love the workout with the foam roller, especially the new exercise on my Rectus femurs. I am happy with the whole program at the moment although I went back to the 14kg with the seated rowing, as I think I am missing the purpose of that exercise. The one exercise from the whole DB matrix works very well … no pain or movement restriction at all.


Here is the complete program and my ultimate goal is to integrate this program into my own program … just love it.

However, one thing is bothering me … the pain is back in the tail bone. I can do all movements, so am I using the other part of my body again to cover it up? That’s how I felt before  I did a wrong move and I couldn’t move at all.

I will wait and see till I get my massage on Friday and speak with Luka about. I guess I need some Chiro work done on my spine as well. That is one of my fears 🙁

I’ll keep you posted.