bike riding is not helping

Today I trained in the morning, before I would hit the office. Different also that I would ride my bike in the morning, which was not really enjoyable as I had quite some pain the tailbone. I can’t really adjust the handle bar on that mountain bike to sit more upright. But to unburden a bit the quads, I am using the middle part of the foot and uphill I would stand up. It helped a bit. However, arriving with back pain the gym are not the best preconditions for a workout that should help your back. so I was expecting some changes in the intensity and moving range.

The warm up was still alright. But I still learned how to adjust the body a bit more during the DB matrix to get the right position. The hammies were at work during the leg curls and today I’ve found it difficult to stick to the 25kg. To still get the exercise done I lowered the weight to 20kg. Maybe I’ve overworked the hammies yesterday and today they were on strike.

I also changed the weights down to 14kg for the seated row exercise. And this allowed me actually to move the upper body as initially planned and then arms without pain, still in a limited range but at least I could move it.

I was a bit unfocused this morning, so I sometimes ended up over-counting .. man, I need to get this brain sorted, hehe! Tomorrow morning another round 🙂