is that it?

Another week … another go on the bi-plex program to get my back and chest smooth as possible.

And I have to say, although I cycled to work this morning with the pain I was used to from last week and I was kind of tied to a very uncomfortable office chair for almost 8 hours in row (as it is Monday after all), the after work workout worked out to be a good one.

Daina gave me another foam roller exercise, but let’s start with the warm up.

Cracking the chest up and upper back on the foam roller as usual, stretching the chest .. but then the DB Matrix … no pain. Twisted the hip as it should be, feet in the right position and no lower back pain … yeahhh!

Next round Daina gave me  some work to do on my Rectus femoris. She gave me the following link on youtube …

… and man, there are some nice spots to work on. I can see and feel how it works … looking forward to have smooth quads. Especially knowing that I will have the massage with Luka on Friday. Still not sure about the plank exercise. I watched myself in the mirror and I am not happy with my posture … Daina, help 🙂

DB shoulder press no problem, however I think I did overstretch a bit my left shoulder, so I better stick to the 7.5kg for a while till sorted. Love doing the stretching 8/8/8/ for my hip flexors … although you don’t feel or see any process, something feels good about it. Maybe that I am the only one who does kind of ballet in the free weight are in the gym, hahah!

Increased the weight for the seated row today up to 20kg … and I could feel the back working. Just wondering if that the kind of pain I have looking for or should actually avoid. It was no problem and not annoying pain. I will give it a go tomorrow again. Anterior reaches are going now more into a stretching exercise for the hammier … will try tomorrow to lift the back leg during the exercise. My back is all good.

Triple threat … still scared to lift the butt properly as I feel like hurting my back. will check tomorrow again.

Overall, loved the workout today … is that the progress I am looking for or is that just a period again, where other muscles cover up the actually pain … time will tell.