it feels so good

Yesterday, Friday, I could feel the Wednesday training … OMG my glutes. I did something … I can feel that. And Friday’s program should have been the actual leg program … might have to re-structure that, but let’s finish this week first. The run in the morning was really good, tough but good. I really hope I can keep doing that and I am not falling off again.

So, Friday’s program was:

  • Straight leg deadlift
  • bodyweight squat
  • DB Clean (Power)
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Reverse Calf Raise
  • Bodyweight Deadlift, single leg

Unfortunately, the lower back kicked in during the straight leg deadlift, but a day later I am all good again. That just means keep going with the stretching 🙂 . The DB Clean exercise was too complex and also doing it with water bottles instead of real DB’s didn’t help. Maybe too light or something, but it just felt wrong. I might stick to simple exercises first. So I better take this exercise out otherwise I get grumpy again.

I guess this weekend nothing will happen fitness wise. Sunday will be the regular rest day and Saturday has been f**ked up by surprise guests turning up 😉

Back on Monday then