it’s all for the good

ouch ... my glutesouch, ouch, ouch … my glutes and my abs. After 2 days? Really? Anyway, feels like I hit some hot spots … finally I can adjust my workouts. Also happy that my lower back is not complaining, however still doing my daily stretches!

So, today morning walk and jog again. The number of light poles I can pass is increasing! What sucks is that I really have to kick myself to get started … still too tired! Blame the weather, the country or myself? The 10 burpees at the end are not really rewarding.

Today’s program was shoulders. My shoulders are generally strong built already, so my aim is more to keep them as they are and improve their mobility, which would be rotation. So I have looked into different kind of exercises. Not convinced yet, but here is the list:

  • DB Fly, rear delt
  • Shoulder press single DB
  • DB scarecrow
  • Upright row DB
  • Lying rear delt raise DB
  • Shoulder Press DB sitting

I finished 3 rounds happily, but had to decrease the weight for the scarecrow.

So, tomorrow thighs and calves … that will be interesting. especially with my weaker righter foot. I guess, I just need to keep moving. 🙂