Losen up upper body

First post ever in my Log book … I am curious I will go with that. Very keen to keep track on my exercises, workouts. Things pop up in my head during the session, so I prefer to put them down asap. Ideas for next workout, what muscle or exercise to look up in my resources or question I want to ask my instructors and PTs at the time.

So, here we go. Daina put a nice workout together with the goal to loosen up my upper body and get the stiffness out of my guts, quads and hip. I have done this program now for more than a week, but got badly “hit” by lower back pain which limited me quite a bit in movement and literally forced me to stay in bed for the last 2 days … so, back in the gym today.

Warm up: 2 rounds

  • Stretch chest using the foam roller – done for so many times already and it still keeps cracking. Loving it. But also maybe a sign that I should finally see a chiropractitioner to get my vertebrates sorted. Need to ask Daina how to intense the stretching of the chest
  • Rolling out right adductor and left glut. – Funny how I always find painful spots. This exercise will be the rest of my lfe on my workouts. We do it only this side to see if after 4 weeks we actully loosen some tension compared to the opposite. Love being a guinea pig 😉
  • DB Matrix (one exercise “7 o’clock”) – right now with my lower back problem a very interesting exercise. Got last week the tip not to twist my front leg as like it is frozen, as this increases the effect of stretching the hip flexors. Good for body awareness as the upper body has to be straight. Bend over just before pain kicks in. Listen to your body. Right turn is better than left due to lower back issue. But I could work out the best angles for me.

Bi plex 1 : 3 rounds

  • Leg curl 25 kg 10x – I will stick to 25kg for a while. Lower back only kicks in when I relax. It is all smooth during the exercise. It is really to give the hammies something to do and take over some tasks from the lower back and upper body. Feel them during cycling now, as I try to remove the force onto the quads.
  • Plank 1 minute – to train the core. Need to get the ballast off the shoulders and more around the core. Due to lower back issue I do plank 10sec on and off for a minute and really focus on where the tension is and shift it if needed.

Bi plex 2: 3 rounds

  • Seated shoulder press 85degree 7.5kg 12x – Just can’t find a bench I can adjust to 90 degrees 🙁 Not keen yet to increase weight as upper body needs to loosen up. But otherwise  an “alright”-exercise.
  • Wall hip mobility 8/8/8 EL – Love that exercise although I don’t feel the stretch during the first part. But I train my body awareness as I need to focus to keep my body upright and must not twist my hip.

Bi plex 3: 3 rounds

  • Seated row 20kg 12x – Lower back kicks in as soon as I use the upper body to lift weights. Will use arms only until back calmed down. No increase in weight needed as I’m focussing to move my shoulder blades … I want to be aware of it
  • Anterior reaches 12xEL – Back leg stays on the floor. Bend over till pain, working on to get the gluts involved. Don’t think I made it today … Not sure what feeling I’m waiting for.

Finisher: 2 rounds

  • Triple threat x 12 – awesome stuff … As I’m learning to use hammies instead of lower back. Also good stretcher for hip flexor. Only 2 rounds today as lower back kicked in.

Quite time intensive workout, need to watch the clock if I want to get it done before work.