lot of hiphop-ing

… and a nice massage, how is my back going?

It is definitely loosen up, as the pain is mainly focused on the tail bone now.

What is most annoying is really when I don’t move for a while,  it seems to be all stiff, but as soon as I keep moving and I all good.

I really enjoyed the last hiphop session, although there was a lot of clicking in my knees, but not really the pain I was used to.

I sticked to the program today, no major changes and I did the full session, no short cuts.

Now it is time to organize the x-ray for my lower back. Am I worried? Sure I am … but Luka said, he just want to make sure … so fingers crossed.

The massaging of the quads was a bit different today, I couldn’t really find the right spots today … I better review the video again about the right posture

Keep you posted 🙂