the muscle therapist

I guess my PT was very proud of me today, as I finally visited her favourite massager, Luka from The Muscle Therapist in Brisbane city. I know I needed a massage and it will be an ongoing treatment. But as for most people, I am looking in my wallet and hey, can I afford it?

But then I looked at my goal board. To be realistic … being back in boxing and reaching the next level … it won’t happen if I don’t fix my back. So I will invest in myself and get these massages done.

Oh man, what a pain it was. I thought I went in almost pain free, although I had the dance boot camp yesterday. But of course I knew which movement to avoid to still look and move like a human being 😉 Luka found some very nice spots and just jumped and picked on them, I almost was not able to leave the room. He definitely freed something up in my right glut, but this also made space for pain to appear I didn’t have before. Nothing bad about it, I just can write a complete lexicon about the different pains you can have.

I already booked a full hour for next week … so, here we go, a new sidetrack on my way to my goal in 2013.