put your mask on first

“Chill today”, “Just relax” … that’s the things I am hearing from friends these days. Hey man, that’s not easy. I got things to do.

I know, I have to listen to them, I really should just do nothing … but as already mentioned in the previous blog post … there is this inner urge to move. I just don’t know how to relax and sit/lay down still for a while.

Maybe I just think about the WHY. I’ve got an injury in the lower back and can hardly walk. I will always live with problems in the lower back, I have accepted that. But I know I can deal with it too. What I normally did was I covered it up with strength and gave the tasks to do to my upper body and my thighs. This resulted that I am quite muscular in that body parts, but I am stiff around the hip area … which makes me look like a walking stone and I am performing as much as I am actually able to. Let’s get this sorted.

I need to relax the next couple of days, no big movements and definitely no resistance training. I need to consider to get regular massages done on my back, maybe even acupuncture …. also called maintenance. This will not fix the problem, it will allow that I can start again with my boxing and even improve my boxing skills, because I can utilise my body and what it’s capable of. I am so looking forward to reach the next level with boxing.

I don’t care what other think of me in the gym or at home. They normally see me running around, doing stuff, lifting weights … now I am more into stretching, re-learning to move some muscles I didn’t use before. And it might look boring, but it is necessary for me to do, because I know WHY.

Why the title “Put your mask on first”? Observing other people, friends or family, you will see how often they put others before themselves, especially mums. We are looking for the quick-fix, take medication mostly to cover the symptoms and we don’t address the actual reason of the pain. And we drag the problem on, until it will finally hit badly … and mostly we have damage forever, and we won’t be able to support anyone anymore.

Get yourself sorted first and not just covering things up. This won’t help anyone at the end. Forget about immediate solutions, immediate fix. This doesn’t exist. Think long-term, learn about your body and listen to it. Relax when needed. I know it is easy to say and that is my biggest thing as well. But I have found friends and tools that help me to understand why to slow down sometimes.



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  1. ok, just came back from a Tuina Massage. It was good for neck and shoulder, not sure about lower back. I just wanted to relax my muscles, as all this not moving made me feel I am getting stiff everywhere.
    ok, back to the floor and chill 🙂

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