Urge to Move

We always want what we don’t have. And when we finally have it. Like, the neighbour’s grass is always greener then yours.

My hair is quite straight and thin and I would do quite a lot to get at least a bit of volume in there. You should see my islander  girlfriends … they are trying so hard to straighten their hair. and what would I do to have their hair … typical scenario!

When we are sick, how much would we give to feel better just a little bit. Any kind of relieve is welcome.

As a Personal Trainer to be, I am already into getting the body to move. I am always surprised to see people stop walking on an elevator. Hello? Move, it is there to make your faster, not to block other people 😉 Why do people always need to sit down? Despite my personal believe that the human body is not made to sit on a chair, but have you noticed when people stop moving, the first thing is they are looking for something to sit down, be it at the bus stop or waiting room. It’s almost like compulsory, you stop moving, you have to sit down. Please, we need to learn again, that standing can be quite a relaxing position as well for muscles and bones, we just forgot over time to listen to our body. People sit down for at least 8 hours behind desks, and during lunch time, as soon as they got their meal, they are looking for something to sit down. Seriously?

I am currently kind of injured with my lower back. It is a chronic thing, but I finally want to attack it as I really want to improve my boxing skill. and for that I need to listen to my body and re-wire some connections. Some connections I have lost overtime or treat them badly and hide them behind muscles. And these connections are the actual muscle-bone connections, but also the connection in the brain. I need to re-wire my train and learn to be aware of some muscles, how to loosen or strengthen them. I am in pain for more than week now and it will be like this for while. Don’t worry, I am in good hands with my best friend Daina from FitLife.

During that time I am quite limited what I can do fitness-wise, not only because I need to learn new movements, but also because I am in pain and any kind of basic movements is kind of a torture. Unfortunately, this results in such a withdrawal of movement. I am surprised to feel and see, how “addicted” I am to move my body. I have an office job at the moment, and I am aware that sitting is not the best I am doing to my body. Normally I would balance it out in the gym .. but not now.

I have so much the urge to move, seriously. During the years with chronic back pain, I have build up quite a bit of a pain threshold. I can handle pain and it definitely takes a while until I would show a sign that something is wrong. But I need to learn to listen to my body and stop hiding behind my muscles *blush*. It is now all about functional movement. It’s new to me, but I am curious, especially from the view point as a Personal Trainer to be. Learning, learning, learning and the best way is to experience it yourself. It will all pay off.

Today’s day at the office was kind of stressful and I just wanted to get out of there. How much I wanted to join the Dance Bootcamp. I knew I am in pain and it won’t be the best for my lower back, but I really wanted to move. So I went. Of course I didn’t give 100%, maybe not even 50% … but I adapted my movements, the range of the movement and the speed and I loved it. The result was that I did move, I was happy and I felt good.

I am very happy that I have this inner urge to move. Maybe that has also the opposite effect, that I don’t really know how to relax, but this will come. I am learning and become more aware about my body.