It’s time to eat

What is your healthy eating rhythm?
Let your body tell you when to eat!

… says who or what?

It’s time … people check the time and notice that it is already past 12pm. For some reason, that means food time for most of us.Why?

When we are born we tell our mums when we are hungry, because we can’t read the watch yet? Our tiny body tells us in different ways that we need to eat. The same works in the adult state, believe it or not. Symptoms are rumbling stomach or dizziness. As an adult you normally have enough energy in you, so you can survive around 2-3 days without food.

Having a time set for food input, makes a human more suitable for the system. Then we can define working hours precisely down to the minute and the system tells you when to eat.

Have you ever actually forgotten to eat? I did. We see teens and adults, spending hours in front of the computer playing games. You can easily go 24hours without food. And we actually forget time. Don’t you remember as a kid you were playing and having fun and suddenly your mum is calling you in for dinner or lunch? How interrupting is that .. you are just having fun. And you are not hungry anyway. We can’t blame our parents, they want the best for us.

A healthy eating rhythm is given by Mother Nature. The demand of energy is different every day and there are plenty of other things influencing your mood, energy and attitude. We live now in a society where food is available 24/7. Why not grabbing some nuts when you feel you need a snack? Yes, our days are busy and scheduled down to the minute. Just be aware of what you eat when. Are you really hungry? If not … have just a snack. But in general keeps the portions small.

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