Learning how to walk again

possible nerve I might have pinched
possible nerve I might have pinched

Too many injuries this year and too many x-rays. Currently I am working on the recovery of my right leg. We are still not sure what happened. But 2 months ago I started to have massive nerve pain along the outside of my right leg. Possibly a pinched nerve somewhere.

I haven’t taken so many painkillers in my entire life. Luckily I am off them by now. However, I am still working on two things on my right leg. The first would be that I lost the feeling for my right food. It just felt numb, one of the main reason I am limping through town everyday. I still can’t lift my body up just using the right foot, but at least I can move my toes again. So I guess I am retraining some muscles at the moment. During my morning walks, the foot gets tired very quickly … just be patient my dear. The second issue is the far too tight muscle in the glut and hammie. Sometimes I hardly can sit up and down, it causes the worst pain. I also noticed that this part doesn’t really like the cold. As I didn’t have a hot shower or a hot bath for months now, the stiffness comes back after every shower. So I am attached to a hot water bag, or better the bag is attached to me 😉

I am sure the staff at the Labasa hospital is doing the best they can. I went through a weekly treatment with the Physiotherapy up there. But yeah, the  only therapy I am left with is sitting on a tennis ball and heat, nothing fancy.

I am slowly starting to do the Lunge matrix again, but bending over is still very painful. But maybe I can start looking into the gym next door to work on my core and upper muscles.