our 5 disoriented senses

Maybe this post is a bit controversial, but that’s the sort of stuff that’s on my mind, so it goes on my blog 🙂

Open for discussion:

As human we are known to have 5 senses,

  • sense of hearing
  • sense of seeing
  • sense of smelling
  • sense of tasting and
  • sense of touching

To deal with the environment we are using all five. But I have the impression we don’t train our senses well enough anymore and we definitely give them wrong information. Here is what I thought about:

  • We cover our eyes with sun glasses. We are using artificial light indoors, so we can’t even tell if it’s night or day. Should our eyes be able to see in the dark as well to a degree? Our body doesn’t realise when the sun is shining, because the eyes are behind sunglasses.
  • Have you noticed that most people come home and switch on the TV, just to have some background noise? You sit in the car and the first thing you do is switch on the radio. You leave the house and you put on the headphones. We are permanently bombarded with music, car noise. Have you ever tried to hear the sun?
  • We hear in the media always the slogan, to taste the summer. But what does it actually mean to taste the summer? personally it means for me to avoid any processed food that is available through out the year. To taste the summer means for me to eat fruit and veggies that are full of energy, give by the sun. And you will taste it, when you try fruits that have actually seen the sun.
  • Aircons, smoke and smog … when was the last time you could smell the rain?
  • We all love the sun, right? But we darken our rooms, so we can watch TV and the rooms don’t heat up. We cover our skin with clothes and sunblocker, so we don’t get “burnt”. How do you want the skin to feel the sun, if we completely cover it up?

How do you sense it’s summer? How do you sense any season? By watching the weather on TV? PLEASE!

Any surprises that our bodies go wild? It doesn’t know what to do with all this wrong information … might this lead to cancer? No one knows … just something to think about.