Raw Carrot-Apple chips

Hearty Carrot Apple pulp chips
Hearty Carrot-Apple-Chips

Drinking plenty of water is high on my list, but sometimes you just feel like drinking something else. I had a look around what I could put together into a juicer and found carrots and Granny Smith apples. Recyclist as I was raised, I also was looking for a way to utilize from the “juicer’s left over”. Why not creating some chips, as I had planned on that evening to watch a movie anyway.

So, here we are , 3 -4 carrots and 3 Granny Smith apples, mashed into juicer. Put also in at least half a lemon to avoid oxidation of the apple and the carrot. As I wanted to use the pulp, I removed the inner part of the apple before juicing.

Put the juice aside and form kind of a dough out of the pulp. It won’t be perfect, don’t worry, we are just  looking for excellence 😉 To be a bit more creative I used the biscuit cutter, yes the ones I normally use only for christmas.

As the ultimate raw foodist you would put this now into a dehydrator for a couple of hours. However, a dehydrator is not part of my kitchen equipment yet. Instead the “chips” went into the oven for at least an hour to get them dry. Don’t burn them. It is more trial and error and with a temperature too high, you are not qualifying anymore to be a raw eater!

In my case, the chips were still a bit moisture in the inside, but enough to get them into a dip and enjoy them with a good movie.

Enjoy! 🙂