Too many carrots? – Juice them!

My weekly Grocery delivery is always a bit of a surprise. What will I have to eat for the next 7 days? I am not really into the huge amount of onions and potatoes I receive, but that’s part of living in Australia I guess. Also, this week we had 1kg of carrots in the box. What to do with it, when you don’t like to nibble on them everyday like a rabbit. I was very happy to see that the carrot where the juice kind of carrots, so not too boring. However, I sacrificed 5 of them for a juicing adventure. In the box was also broccoli, and I read before that juicing broccoli gives you all its healthy stuff.

yummy vegetable juice
Yummy Carrot-Broccoli-Juice

Here is the result, I also added 3 cloves of garlic. The taste is very intense mixture of garlic and broccoli. I didn’t expect for the broccoli to be that strong. But it was yummy, drinkable and I definitely will do it again.

What juice ideas do you have?