Save the earth and become vegetarian

It takes up to 100,000 L of water to produce 1kg of beef

A couple of days ago I had a quick browse at the black board of the Magic Apple restaurant in Burleigh Heads. I’ve found a very interesting brochure from the Vegetarian¬†Society Victoria. Yes, vegetarians have their own societies. I didn’t know that before either.

The title of the brochure caught my full attention, as this is a very interesting topic for me:

“Eating up the world – the environmental consequences of human food choices”

I just might throw out some numbers here:

  • Over 50% of global human-caused greenhouse gases .. can be attributed to livestock and their by-products
  • Methane produced by animals has a 72 times greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide (yes, a simple cow fart is pure Methane)
  • Australia’s livestock will produce substantially more warming over the next 20 years than all of our coal fired power stations put together.
  • Animal agriculture degrades land that absorbs CO2

Lord Nicholas Stern (economist): Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better.

Don’t these facts make you think? All these numbers have been published in scientific journals from the CSIRO, Department of the Environment, United Nations Environmental Programmes and so on.

The information is there. The question is now how do we get this into people’s heads. What are your thoughts about that?