Watching Rugby7

Still in recovering mood from some back issues … I admit cheating the last 2 days, as I went for a walk and even into the gym yesterday to train someone in boxing. It was an easy session, I promise, although she admitted today she was a bit in pain. But today I forced myself to just chill … so, I did … I thought.

But how much did I know that watching Rugby7 for hours on a live stream, discussing the performance and results on facebook are almost as exhausting as playing myself 😀

Na, seriously, I am getting quite into these games. I am still trying to understand Rugby in general. In a live game I remember, I was the only one screaming at a specific situation, it was for the wrong reason … fun times.

So, Rugby7 … you play 2 times 7 minutes with 7 players on a normal pitch sized field. Therefore you have to run much much more, compared to the “normal” Rugby with 15 men (oh man, I hope I got that right). This tackling still looks a big funny to me, as the guys end up lying on their backs with the legs up, like a bug trying to get back up again. 😉

Fiji Rugby7 HongKong
Toso Viti Toso

Best parts for me are really the sprinting part … when one of the guys gets the chance to run all over the pitch with the ball(?) in his hands, getting chased by the other team. Would love to know the speed they can reach in such a situation. Reminds me when I played soccer last year. The coach always told the team to get the ball to Josefine somehow, she gets it anyway as she can runout anyone *happy chick*.

Would love to get back into a sprint situation, still struggling with playing in a team though … so maybe touchRugby should be on my bucket list. Reminds to get back into the weekly 5km run every Saturday … and the last 100m I just could outrun everyone who is in front of me, haha.

Ok, looks like I am quite sure with my goals, let’s get the back sorted next week. 🙂 Then back to boxing and keep going with functional movements … Rambo Bambi in the making!