where are all the fruits and veggies?

Chow noodles
Noodles in Fiji

I guess living now 6 months in Fiji, I can have some kind of opinion about the availability of food here. Being vegetarian and up to 80% raw foodist, I have to admit it is hard to eat healthy in Fiji.

The supermarkets don’t offer anything on fresh fruits or veggies. I am not asking for shiny big blown up fruits, where I know they are GM’ed. You know, the stuff you get in Coles and Wooly’s in Australia 😉 Apples, oranges and grapes are imported from New Zealand and are prices accordingly. 🙁

The fruits offered by farmers fresh on the markets are (depending on season):

  • bananas
  • pineapples
  • watermelon
  • pawpaw
  • mangoes
  • lemon

The veggies offered by farmers fresh:

  • eggplant
  • pumpkin
  • Chinese lettuce
  • lettuce
  • beans
  • some other green (sry, don’t know the name)
  • okra
  • coriander (main herb they use)
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • cabbage

Potatoes, onions and garlic you buy usually in the supermarket. A standard household has in the shelves the following items:

  • breakfast crackers and wheetbix for breakfast,
  • noodles (plenty)
  • flour (in buckets)
  • rice (in buckets)
  • bread loaf(s)
  • butter
  • milk powder
  • potatoes

I have to admit, I have seen plenty kitchens, but hardly any kitchen stocks fruits or veggies. And that was not the picture I had from Fiji. To keep up with my nutrition I really have to adapt and find my way through. I am looking for simple raw food recipes and I need to start ask the farmers, what else they can bring to the market.

My options would be, that I start to grow things in my own garden, but where to find the seed LOL ? I also need to create some kind of demand, then maybe the farmers will bring more variety to the market, like cauliflower, broccoli. I really do miss mushrooms.  I should look at very simple raw food recipes first, and not the fancy ones where u need ingredients I have never heard of.

I am not giving up that easily, but I have to admit … I had too much of these noodles 😀

Oh, Fijian eat too sweet and drink too sweet …. BUT the sugar they use here is non-refined sugar. And that’s the sugar they use in the ice-cream as well … soooo yummy! No Almond Magnum can compete with a simple Choc-attack LOL 😀