I don’t want to do anything

being-aimlessDoes that mean I’m aimless? Aimless for the moment? Some people might think now, there is always something to do and sure it is.

“Aimless” is a word I have learned here in Fiji. I’m still not sure if that is related to the fact that people come to Fiji to relax, to get out of the stress of the western lifestyle.

I have to admit that the hot weather is quite contributing to the state of feeling aimless. U don’t even need to move to sweat and coming from kind of an hyperactive history … That literally f**ks with my mind. There are things on my list I’ve got to do, but it seems far too easy here to procrastinate. If I can call that procrastination, that might depend on the item on the list.

“I don’t want to do anything” … Can we actually do that? To be precise we always do something, just mostly subconsciously. Is thinking a conscious or subconscious activity?
When someone says ” I don’t want to do anything” we mostly refer to the conscious activities, like watching a movie, reading a book or going out for a walk. For me it translates into ” I just want to be alone with my thoughts”. Maybe one of the things introverts do.

Everyone has the right to do nothing from time to time. But when it comes to the state of being aimless too often, you should ask yourself why you have been given the chance to be here on Earth. You are one of the lucky ones, so don’t mess around with it. Be thankful and show what you’ve got. You have been given talents and purpose to be and serve here on Earth. There is time to relax and rest, when you can do nothing. But please don’t be aimless … That would be such a waste.