Backyard gardening is happening

Today’s thoughts (edited):
– 5:30am woke up with baby boy … yeah! straight to Upin & Ipin, his and my favorite cartoon
– one mug of lemon grass tee
– watered the pawpaw plants
– made pancakes with bananas, poi, egg, backing powder, flour, in coconut oil … Not very solid, but at least I’ve tried
– yoga done
– yeah, got some tamole seeds + custard apple seeds
– nothing to think about
– yes, Mentor is in …
– I kind of enjoy the gardening part … hopefully it will pay off
– go back to R!!!
– Au taleitaka na panekeke vita china
– coffee is not helping, is it?
– and I heard it again again … “we can’t do over hours, we have our menses (doooh_)”
– Transplanted more pawpaw and egg plant and cabbage
– Watered whole garden
– Plenty lemon grass tea in the evening after one cup of black tea with sugar

Reviewing my notes, I had a pretty good day. I’m especially proud of the progress made in out garden. From day to day one might not be able to see the difference, but looking back where we have started, it looks pretty amazing and I hope we can harvest the fruits of our work.

Yeah, the black tea input especially with sugar has to be reduced. So I am on to lemongrass tea. My only worry is where will I get my quick energy from, as coffee doesn’t really seem to work anymore. This permanent tiredness starts to worry me.
Yes, I have the confirmation from a me or that she is on board again. Please universe (or lord or however you call yourself), give me the skills, knowledge and courage to publish this particular paper. It will open us so many other doors.

I can’t really grasp the issue of some women with the female period. I’m a woman myself and I have this issue every freaking month. Are there things I can’t do during that time? No. I sometimes even forget that I have my menses. Sure, every women is different, every menses is different. But seriously, almost every woman I know here in Fiji, and I’m close enough to talk about such issues, is complaining about her menses. She has her menses, she can’t do this exercise or she can’t do over hours. I will monitor this for a bit more and then I might raise that issue. Otherwise it will keep me busy thinking about it.

And there is still the hope that I will learn to speak Fijian on day. I’ve realized that I won’t learn it at home. So, will keep asking people at work and maybe my son will pick it up. Until then I’m relying on the technical terms from JICA, haha.

Go back to R. Oh man, how much I wish I would be fluent R by now. It would came pretty handy. But as usual I’m learning the hard way. Thanks to …. I’m on that platform as much as I can, because I want to learn and understand. Even better if I could apply all that too.

Ok, enough talking … Still want to do some edx.

Stay safe people!