Do you have discipline?

Discipline .. part of personal development
Can you be self-disciplined?

Discipline is a great skill to have. However, it does seem to have not the best reputation. Discipline is always seen as obeying orders from other. Mostly the end result is not to your benefit, instead of your company’s or boss’ benefit.
When in general is discipline required? Although it has quite a military touch, but the political system I grew up with could only run with the enforced discipline of the people. And how good are we as a gregarious animal! Military groups can only functioning when everyone is disciplined and follows the orders.
We all know what happened to the communist part of Europe in the last decade of the 20th century. The side effect of the achieved freedom is that people feel lost. Most people need guidance through life. They are missing the enforced comfort zone. The comfort zone now is much smaller. It was a whole country before, now it is only family and the workplace.

What will happen when you make discipline work for yourself? Do you have self-discipline? Self-discipline can be a very powerful skill. Imagine you get all the things done you have on your to-do-list, your own orders! You will be much more accountable in other people’s eyes, but more importantly more accountable for yourself. With discipline your dreams can be achievable. Your ideas will turn into actions and these turn into results … You want to change your life? It’s up to you and it requires self-discipline.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment –
Jim Rohn