Find 5 positive reasons why you want freedom in life

This is a task I am working on right now.

Freedom means different things to different people. The meaning could even change of lifetime, as it did for me. As I grew up in a communist country, freedom meant back in time freedom in speech, freedom in religion or even freedom to travel. This has changed now for me.

Now I am looking for a more personal kind of freedom. I’ve put myself in a cage of high expectations, high expectations I have of myself but especially the high expectations my parents have of me (I believe they have them, but they actually don’t have them => problem number 1 😉 )

This puts me in a situation that I am never happy, I don’t see the achievements I have done in the past, I believe I am not successful etc … nasty situation to be in.  I am doing this task over a couple of days, and at the end I will chose the top 5 ones, the ones that appear everyday or the ones that I am strongest related to.

What have I found so far:

  • independence … very important for, but not that difficult for me as I grew up as a single child
  • Be the person who I really am … and not the person my boss wants me to be or my parents want me to be
  • Flexibility … due to the job I am in at the moment, I am bound to be at a specific time and a specific location, if I want or not
  • less negative stress … if I could work in the area I love, then it wouldn’t be work anymore and the negative stress would turn into a nice loving challenge
  • sincerity … doing what I love to do and my work would be far more sincere, as I love the product/service and I am 100% behind it.

I am sure there are plenty to add and I might update this post over time.

Not sure why freedom has become so important to me. Being bound to a job I don’t like, being bound to specific times makes me very uncomfortable. I have done it, I am doing it … but I also know a way out and I am working on it. I have the freedom to do so. So many don’t realize that they are slaves to the system, bound to a working scheme and bound to a financial scheme.

What does freedom mean to you? In what area do you think you need more freedom?