Go with the flow but make it your flow

As I have mentioned in a previous post, someone or something is always with you. And in the most darkest moment (btw. only you think it is a dark moment) there will be a light at the end of that tunnel. Today I had an interesting conversation with the cafe owner near my gym.

I asked him, whether it is exhausting for him to care about people. He is always friendly, always asking how one is going and he is always smiling. And his reply was, no, it actually makes his day when he can help people by just listening to them or make them smile. But he also mentioned, that he knows people, who find it exhausting. So, my question is now, is that an attitude thing or are we different people? I also can use the excuse that English is not my mother tongue, so talking to people and listening to different kind of English take a lot of energy for me. Just a cheap excuse?

So, what has this to do with “the flow”?

You have goals in life (if not, stop reading here and write down your goals in life, otherwise … no point). And of course you want to reach them, therefore you do almost everything to get there. But God, life or the universe will put obstacles in your way. Why? Either to teach you a lesson, to challenge you or even to test you, on how much you want it, that goal. However, this journey still should be fun … there is no time for perfection, worry or anger. People come into your life to teach you a lesson or be a blessing for you.

If you start caring about others, smile at them or just listen to them … it is part of their journey, but also part of your journey. You never know who you might meet 😉

Just go with the flow … take the things that come into your way, find a solution, pass that test or sometimes get rid of that relationship … so is life. However, make sure that the flow is your flow … aiming your goal. You might drift away from time to time, but you just need to adjust your journey again. Enjoy the whole process …

So, if you do something do it 100% … be present. You don’t like what you do? Do it 100% anyway, and in your free time, think about Plan B .. again, do it 100%. It has nothing to do with multi-tasking, it is more about where your mind is. Because if you don’t like what you do and you do it because it pays the bills and you think about other things you would prefer to do …. this doesn’t make you grow. This doesn’t give you a base you can build on, because everytime you do both things at the same time (doing the job you hate and planning a way out of it) … you are not doing them 100%, so it won’t be detailed enough nor good enough to put into practise.

Do one thing at a time, do it 100% and seriously … you will make it.

I can see that my today’s post is a bit all over the place, but that just reflects my mind at the moment. 😉 Getting it in here is part of my “therapy” haha.

Enjoy your day … 100% 😉 and let me know what you think about this stuff, if it hasn’t confused you even more.