Happiness leads to Success

… what do you think?

Let’s try it from this perspective. If you like what you do, things seem to be easier and you accept challenges far more easily as well. Also, you see failures as failing forward and learn from your mistakes. Things are happening and you feel good … doesn’t that feel like success?

So, what are the things I am currently enjoy doing?

  • Cert III in Fitness and not only because I am a student again 😉
  • Looking forward to Cert IV
  • hitting the gym myself
  • getting asked for advice, be it fitness-wise, food-wise or IT related (although I might have already lost some skills for the latter one)
  • boxing … looking so forward to reach the next level with my boxing skills
  • still my raw food journey although I should do more getting some “meals” prepared
  • Anything about Fiji … hype hasn’t calmed down yet. Looking forward to do more traveling over there
  • Looking actually forward to do more family things (be it with family back in Germany, but also having my own little one *blush*)
  • I want to go back playing my guitar

Ok, some actual future goals slipped into that list, but maybe you get the picture. I am actually feeling quite comfortable writing that now … far more relaxed compared to yesterday. You see how easily I got 9 points together … interesting. It’s all a question of where your mind is. Still not smiling though, but this will come over time, heheh!

Next step would be to ask yourself WHY, because that brings you to the next level on understanding yourself. Why do I still stick to that Raw Food “nonsense”? Because I believe that we (human) are meant to eat what Mother Nature gives us. But this is a completely other topic I could talk about for hours and it has been and will be definitely covered in this blog. Oh, by the way, still trying almost desperately now to get my mum of diary milk … mission for life.

Why fitness? I have been active all my life. I only became aware of it, when I started Uni and didn’t more or less move for years. That’s where I started to get back into sport, be it running, soccer, boxing and now I am even on my why to start a career in Personal Fitness. So watch the space … because I am not taking out the science, I am putting it back again 😀

Oh man, this writing flows much better already … I might have found something again. But don’t worry, I get my butt kicked to get back on track.

So, does happiness leads to success? I don’t know … but as long it makes you feel better, you should stick to it I think 🙂

I don’t know if that post will help, but it did help me 😉

The next post should be really about what is stoping you from doing what you enjoy and what to do about … another big topic.