How do you read?

Since I have put the TV in the storage area, I have plenty more time to do some reading. However, it still feels like I don’t have enough time. Anyway, I discovered that I need a specific environment to read. Don’t you hate when I just started to read a good book and you need something to drink. Do you wait till the chapter is finished or do you interrupt the reading to rescue yourself? How about a skype message you heard popping up in the background … are you curious enough to check or are you one with the book and stick to it?

Here are my requirements I need to have the “perfect” reading environment:

  • No talking in the background … that includes Personal Development audios
  • Music without lyrics … otherwise I start listening to the text
  • enough water … or I am running every 10min to get something to drink
  • MacBook far away from me … or I am browsing
  • Notepad next to me so I can take notes as soon as I have ideas
Of course the situation will never be perfect, but I can commit myself to at least some of these points.
I also find out that most of the thing I am reading, not a lot stays with me unfortunately. So I have to re-read a lot of things. That’s one reason why I am hesitating to start speed-reading.
My “To-Read”-folder on the Mac is huge … so many ebooks and whitepapers to read. How can I prioritise them? The filename is most of the time not really of help, therefore I am force to open it anyway. My pile of hardcopy books is not small either. But I guess, everyday a bit and I get through the mountain 😉
And what do you think about reading several books at the same time. I just noticed today, that I have four unfinished books, so I quickly finished one today. Why can’t I stick to one at the time?
How do you read?