How to learn to be patient

I guess I am the wrong person to ask that question. I might can do a week … but then it becomes tricky … The negative inner voice starts a lot of questioning.
Some things you just can’t have right now or just don’t happen over night, as much as we wished. It’s not that patience I am talking about.
It’s that kind of patience when you want to lose some weight or reach some kind of fitness. This takes weeks, months when not even years.

Have you ever waited for something for years? And I don’t mean turning 21 or getting your driving license. Maybe some kind of a longterm goal, like moving to another country or finally receiving the certificate to your dream profession.

And it does hurt when you wait for something for years and then you receive a definite NO. You feel you’ve wasted all that time for nothing, there is nothing to show for. What do you do in that case?

Personally I go through some really sh**ty days, I’m grumpy and don’t want to talk to anyone. And it’s tough, I’m telling you. And not only once I had suicidal thoughts, what’s the point of living etc.

But there is something or someone that brings you through that time, be it God, your favorite music band or an unexpected good thing happen. Something is looking after you and soon or later you’ll see the light again.

Today afternoon I will adjust my goals again in all seven areas of life. I literally destroyed my previous vision boards. I didn’t look at them for months now and I just didn’t relate to them anymore.

How to be patient now? It’s up to you. How badly do you want it? There is always a way around the obstacles life puts in our way. Don’t be patient in the way to just sit there and wait. Do something about. Have a cry over something negative once, thats ok. But then restart fresh again.

Remember, patience is a virtue, not hurry the f**k up 