How to make the big words work for you

I don’t know, seriously. Or I don’t know yet. Like in the previous post , it makes all sense. But did you notice how generalised it is? It could have been written by anyone … There is no ME in that one.
What is my goal, where do I want to be in 5 years time? Why is that so difficult? Too many unanswered questions, too many what ifs, too much uncertainty. But I can’t keep living this ping-pong life, where other people and obstacles determine my next step and change my direction. Things happen in life and always will, be it losing a friend, relationship breakup, move to another country … It should not be the end of the world. There are always new friends, new relationships and you can live anywhere. There won’t be only one way to reach your goal, there are endless ones.

Ok, back to my goal again

I want to train people who want to be trained.
I want to help people who want to be helped.
I want to educate people who want to learn.

I see myself training professional athletes in fitness.
I see myself training people who want to lose weight.
I see myself using fitness boxing to train people.
I see myself telling people about raw food and other ways to eat healthy, and the people ask questions and want hear more.
I see myself doing physiotherapy/massages to help people recover from injuries.

I see myself doing boxing and learning more and more from the experts.
I am finishing cert III in fitness very soon and cert IV will be next. Then physio … Just keep learning about human body, movement and fitness … Keen as.
I see myself in advanced hip hop dance classes. The movements will help my boxing career. But it also helps me to express myself … The cool me hahahah
I will be properly equipped for my raw food journey … So much to try, but I still want to keep it simple. No need to turn into a chef. 😉

I felt like putting it down this way. And these are only my goals in the vocational area … I’m quite excited now … One area of human values covered. How to put that now down on a vision board?

Now that I read through that again, I’ve noticed that I could have been a bit more specific, like what kind of people and location. But I leave that open for another time, when I feel like it, I’m happy with what I’ve got here so far.

Tomorrow another big day, another obstacles that might shift the angle I am seeing and moving towards my goal. Bring it on ….