Entrepreneur Trish Jenkins had built a multi-million dollar portfolio only to lose it all to fraud, even her family home. What followed was a drawn out voluntary liquidation followed by an 8 month term for being in breach of the Corporations Act. Isolated from her family and surrounded by criminals, Trish could have succumbed to despair. But treasure is found in dark places. Refusing to remain a victim, Trish determined to make a difference in the world. Trish is an author and a captivating speaker who imparts these treasures as Powerful Perspectives for business and life.

That’s how Trish is introduced today to spread her message. Why am I sharing this with you? I met Trish last year on a big marketing event. People could come on stage and big marketing gurus would help with some marketing tricks. But then Trish came on stage and her story even made the guru stumble over words … because her story was a big one and worth sharing.

And the story she had to share was how a very successful woman could fall  and ignore signs that she even went to jail. What I see now in Trish is a woman who dusts herself up and comes back up. Back up on stage to share to people that they learn from her mistake. Is that easy for her? Of course not, she is going through all possible up and downs .. but she has a strong family. And with her stepping up at this marketing event, the support grew even more. People here from Brisbane and surroundings are giving her opportunities to spread the word, because we all see and understand that it could have happened to everyone of us.

You will hear about Trish here on my blog more.

I am lucky enough to call Trish as a friend now and I even could help her out with proof-reading of her second book. If you want to find out more about Trish and her story you can find her website here

Her book ‘Dangerous Wealth’ is written for women but definitely worth reading for men as well 😉

The book covers:

  • How to recognize warning signals in Business and Romance!
  • How predators choose their prey!
  • Types of scams and how to spot them!
  • Why ‘The Secret’ can actually attract fraud into your life!
  • How to turn setbacks into success!
  • The Warrior Princess within you!

Find out where she speaks, this will give you a great opportunity to meet Trish in person.

I will keep you posted for sure, but now I am also inspired to get into my own speaking career 😉   … stay tuned!