Know who you are and not who you want to become

Unfortunately, the common way is that the system provides us with labels for any area in life … and naive as we are we assume that this is what defines us … that is who we are. Sad but true and it makes us feel safe and certain.

But safe is the new risky. There is nothing like being safe. And who do you want to blame? Religion, the government … your neighbours or your ex? … Blame yourself. Since when do you let others decide about who you are? Don’t you have your own mind? Can’t you think by yourself? I know, the system has taught you WHAT to think and not HOW to think. That’s where you come in now … it’s time.

Not happy with your relationship, not happy with your job or career? Can’t find the purpose in life? You question a lot. Maybe all the labels given to you are just not YOU.

Ask your best mates, and I mean the best ones. The ones who not only know you during good times, but also through bad time and have seen you crying. That are normally not many. Ask them about you … about your strength and weaknesses. You will be surprised what you hear. And then it is up to you to accept it.

Also, you are born as you …. why are we trying to become someone else throughout the years? You are born with talents and you are able to strengthen them with skills. And if you are not sure who you are, because you have been told so many different things in the past … try different things.

  • different sport activities
  • different occupations
  • different music/literature
  • meet different people
You will see where you get stuck … that will be the area you feel comfortable, the area you want to spend more time in and you want to learn more about. You might get bored a bit later, but again … move on and try something else. The world and its people has so much to offer.
And who am I now? Not sure yet, but I know the following:
  • I am curious
  • I have an excellent memory
  • perfectionist 🙁
  • I question authority
  • I have troubles to relate and communicate with my peers
  • I get bored easily
  • I am sensitive to physical senses, like smell, light and sound
  • I avoid crowded environment
That’s me … sure I can work on some of them but I won’t remove them completely. I guess I will be able to develop some kind of switch, that I can use to change between my world and others people world … I just need to find out when to switch it and how.
Work in progress …