Lifting higher

… and I don’t mean it in the fitness way today 😀

Surround yourself with people who are only lifting you higher. It is the environment that shapes you, also known as peer pressure or even tradition. So watch out with who you hang out with.

We can’t chose our family, but we can chose our friends. It is a tough topic to write about and I guess I will just scratch the surface again. My thoughts are a bit all over the place at the moment, but I hope you get the point.
I also think it is more about being aware of how much you are vulnerable to what other people say and think about you. You have your goals. Look at them daily and make a short list of things you need to get done today, little action steps that move you forward, closer to your goal. In the evening, review your day. Can you see how people and people’s talk can distract and influence you? Unfortunately most of it goes in the opposite direction.

Then it is time to ask yourself, how much do you want that goal. What would you do to reach that goal? Would you let go of some so called “friends”? Can you give up some time in front of the TV? You will tell me, “but I have to relax”. Sure, but wouldn’t it be better to watch what you want and not what the media tells you to watch? Watch some motivational stuff, some movies you haven’t seen for a while?

Time is precious and you can’t get it back. So please don’t waste it. Relax in the right way, work in the right way … don’t lose your dreams just because you are pleasing others.

I have to make some tough decisions in the next days and weeks, so I am putting my goals down in the written form and in form of pictures. I will write about it in my blog, so I am staying more accountable. There will be bad and good days … but I want it badly.

Some of you know that I am not a big people’s person and my current job is not helping in having the right people around me. Therefore, I will focus on having the right people around me before and after work. If there is a problem, there is a solution … there is always a way around it. Go and get your goal, you deserve it.