new start

Another year is gone and what kind of journey it has been. I am just saying that because actually nothing I had planned for 2013 actually became true. Why? I don’t know. Things happen for a reason. You meet new people for a reason, you burn bridges for a reason.

Do I make plans now for 2014? Yes, sure, I have some ideas what I would like to achieve this year, but I have different expectations.

One of the plans I have is to turn my passion for fitness and health into a money-making activity. When I love what I do, then it’s just not a job anymore, right? I just finished my Cert III for Fitness in Australia and I am officially now allowed to instruct people. Personally I want to get back into my old fitness state. That will be quite a challenge as the options here in Fiji are just not the same as back in Brisbane, especially when it comes to food. It looks like I might have to start my own little garden just to have some herbs available throughout the year. The goal is to eat healthy myself and then show others that there are options to eat healthy and hopefully open their minds to healthy eating behaviour! But there is so much more to that.

First I need to walk my own talk … so back to the street to run and back on with the boxing gloves. And watch out for these injuries!!! I better leave them with the old year … that means behind me 😉

I quickly want to share this video. First of all I have to admit I thought Kiwi’s (people of New Zealand) were called Kiwi’s because of the fruit Kiwi … but I got taught better 🙂 Secondly I want to share this small animation with you, because it shows in a nice way that you can achieve anything, just put your mind into it, go and get it … even when it is the last thing you do, as long as it feels right for you and you don’t hurt anyone.