Passion … is that why you are here on Earth?

Since I have started to dig deeper into personal development, I am struggling with the topic “Passion”. The pic shows one definition I like and can somehow relate to. But where it hits me is that passion really depends on the people around you, the environment and in what stage in life you are.

Years ago you could excite me for research and IT in general. Ask me today … after years of study, burn-out and brain-death … I am looking for something different. Be it Fiji, fitness, health, nutrition and again …. change of career (please don’t tell my parents yet 😉 )

So again, the question is, what do I want, where do I excel? Yes, currently I am running to the gym at least four times a week and my body looks accordingly (*proud*). And yes, I have started a course to become a Personal Trainer (PT). I have the usual people supporting me. They already supported me, when I was so much after MLM (still doing it, don’t you worry). I guess I am just not patient enough … you don’t get a certificate over night, but I am worried that I am running out of time. Really? I better change that perspective … it should be never too late to pursue happiness, right?

I know I am on my way and it has been a long journey. quite different to the journey of my parents … and that’s where it hurts. They don’t understand 🙁 and possibly never will. They accept it, but I have the feeling they expected something else from their only daughter.

Why should I settle for something I don’t like? I am not here on Earth to suffer or to live a mediocre life. God has given me a talent and I want to use it, because then I will excel and will be able to serve others to my fullest potential. Of course I was not born with a manual … it’s all about trial and error. I have done so many things already, some good and some bad … and all of them made me the person I am today … full stop.

Ok, let’s do it then … get this Cert III sorted and put Plan B in action 😉

What are your thoughts? Did you find the passion? same passion as 5 years ago?