There are no stupid questions

… only stupid answers.

There are two kind of people. The ones who invest money and time to find the answer of interest by DIY. That’s right. These people will spend massive amount of time in libraries, bookshops and with Google.

the solution is somewhere and I will find it

The other kind of people don’t waste any time on finding solutions themselves. They just ask for the solution. Correct, these people are the people’s person.

So which personality has more advantage? Sure it depends on your environment. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit both.

I could spend hours researching a topic, so guess what kind of person I am. To improve my people and communication skill I am putting myself out of the comfort and in front of people.

Do I have fun, not always, but I’m learning heaps.

What person are you? The DIY or “give me quickly the answer” type?