Watch people

Having a bit of time off from your routine is always refreshing. But it can also put you in a situation that is outside if your comfort zone.
You see your work mates at least 5 days a week in working mood and working clothes. Then you are out with them for a special training weekend. Everyone is dressed up, you hear new stories from your mate, sometimes even quite personal ones.
I love to listen and watch such scenes. People are opening up, suddenly things become more clearer to you. And you also might be disappointed by others. Not everyone is walking their talk.
On the other side, what information are you giving away? Do you let yourself go? Do you reveal your darkest secrets? What do want your colleagues to know about your?

The change if environment also changes people. Therefore we never should judge people from the state we always see them in. Be open to learn more about others, you might even share an interest.

Change of environment also gives people the opportunity to maybe tell you how much they appreciate what you do and you might see your working place differently from now on.

If you get the chance to change environment and/or step outside of your comfort zone, do it. Human behavior is such so amazing and the more you know the better you will be able to benefit.

How much do you reveal?