Search and you will find …

Upset baby
Who teaches our children on how to be upset?

… Knock and you will be opened.

What is it that stops us from following one of the most oldest and truest sayings?

  • Objections
  • What will they say think about me
  • I am not in the position to ask a person of this status
  • It is not the right time

The key is Perception … If you feel angry and upset, then you have obviously made the conscious decision to be angry and upset. Nobody else can decide about your feelings. It is all up to you.

What’s the issue with searching? There is no doubt an overflow of information in the world and with the internet the access to this information became far too easy. But still, people don’t even attempt to do a search for day to day stuff. Why?

  • Maybe the problem is really not that important
  • Seriously? People are lazy by default.

If you need a solution to a problem that is on your way to success … you better go and search for it. How desperately do you want to want to achieve your goal? You will be amazed what you will find. Not only will doors be opened for you, you will find far more opportunities.

What’s the issue with knocking on doors?

  • If you believe people don’t want to help you … then this is your perception. How do you know? Did you ask them? Or are you reflecting your believe on others? Are you willing to help other people? Think about it! You will be surprised what you will find.

If you don’t ask, how do you know. I spent hours to prepare myself for phone calls and meetings. I had an absolute fear to ask people for help and advise. Did I know it all? … oh no, not at all. It was more how would people think about me. I did change my perception and I made wonderful connections. It revealed in more giving from my side and even more receiving from the other.

It won’t happen over night. The fear still arises from time to time. If you install kind of a trigger, that makes you switch your perception … that will make things easier.