The Genius in You

Dr John Demartini made a great statements in one of his books called “Breakthrough Experience”.

Our own soul is the ultimate guardian spirit, and a genius is one who listens to their soul and obeys

Unfortunately most people are listening to the outer voice. We listen more to other people’s opinion, systems and expectations and we are trying hard to fit in. This results in lack of motivation, procrastination, fights and dislikes.

What is it, that keeps us so small and obeying to others instead to ourselves? Are we scared to speak up? Is the social pressure that big? What do we have to lose?

When can we all start to acknowledge the genius in us? Now? But … there is no but. You have been put here on Earth for a reason. You have been given a talent, so master it. The only limit you have is time, the time being here on Earth. Don’t waste your time following a system set up by others. Don’t try to be like them … even you might reach a similar level, you won’t be happy, because that is not you, the real you.

Start to love yourself, acknowledge your soul’s message and your life will be fulfilled.

I like reading Demartini’s book and I already attended a couple of his events here in Brisbane. In the video below we even got the opportunity to get John to send our team a message.

My homework is now to release my genius. I have it like everyone else has it. However, something is suppressing it. What are your dislikes and likes? Where do you think are your skills? I don’t mean the skills on your Resume, I mean the skills given to you when you were placed here in Earth. What’s your purpose?