Time to get real


If robotics is to succeed like computing, what matters is making practical robots that do jobs well and affordably …

… taken from a New Scientist article

The Fukushima Daiichi power plant incident in Japan in 2011 has changed the view Japan has about robots. Everyone knows about the advanced robotics skills Japanese scientists have developed in the last 30 years. We can see them in singing, running and dancing humanoid robots. But in 2011 Japan has seen the usage of robots to deal with the nuclear emergency. The military already uses robots to defuse improvised explosive devices.

How often do you waste your time by getting ready, having the perfect business card or cleaning up your desk so your phone is well positioned on it?

Does that sound familiar?

Get real .. all that doesn’t make you move forward in your business nor in your life. Yes, a clean desk gives you a clean mind, but just don’t use it as an excuse for not making phone calls or writing that particular important report. Be practical and useful, be out there and share with the world what you have to offer.

Time to get real! What are the demons you are facing? What’s preventing you to show the world what you have to offer?