Visualise the life how you want it

I just want to live, to learn, to grow, to share, to give, to serve. For this I have to be fit in all seven areas of life. In no particular order, these would be:

  • spiritual
  • mental
  • vocational
  • financial
  • familial
  • social and
  • physical

That’s life, the journey through these areas. At different stages in life we have different priorities. But this journey should have a purpose. What do you want to learn? In what area do you want to improve and grow? What do you want to share or give? Who do you want to serve?

Look back, what did you learn so far? What are you good at and did you share it? All these brought you to the situation you are in right now. Are you on track to reach your goal? Are you fulfilling your purpose? And the main question is, does it make you feel good?

No one can answer those questions for you, and no one should.

Personally, I’m at a state where I need to refocus my life a bit. The search for my purpose in life seems endless. Obstacles thrown at me keep me distracted, busy, worried and aimless. I really need to take charge of my life if I want to live in freedom.

Freedom, such an important undervalued and ignored basic human need. A lot of us didn’t need to fight for something in life yet. Everything has been given to them, either by parents or by the government. But this comes with a cost, a huge one … Lack of taking responsibility, lack of awareness and self-control.

So, I will put down my thoughts about my purpose, vision and mission in life. I might throw out just some words right now. The right wording will come over time. This will keep me accountable. I will definitely refine my purpose along the journey, as I will grow as planned.

Healthy, fit, body awareness, nature, simple, boxing

Live by example, giving basic knowledge to make them curious, back to nature,

Simplistic, back to nature,

Myself, I’m a great example of someone who is not clear about her goal or purpose in life. I am struggling to put these things in words. Therefore, let’s refocus on the journey through life. Let’s look at the seven areas of life. Capture the things that make me happy

Ok, I added this the next day.

I want to be healthy and fit and I want be really good in boxing. I also want to enjoy hiphop dancing, as I then can express my tomboy in me. I want to have a big happy family. If I can share everything I have learnt, that would be great. There is much more to it though.

The plan is to share my journey, tips and tricks on this side. It might be confusing from time to time … But I prefer to be everyday a different day than boring routine.

… To be continued