When do you start to believe in yourself?

When do you start do believe in yourself? Do you wait for approval from others? Do you wait till people tell you that they are proud of you? Do you wait until you can see results?

For most of the things we want to achieve, we can’t see or feel the results mostly until we have done 90% of the work and the rest is just polishing. But how many people give already up when they have only done 10% of the work? Expecting immediate results is as unrealistic as getting obese overnight. It builds up slowly over a long time period, but eat every day a little bit too much of the wrong food and I promise you obesity in 5 to 10 years. (maybe it is not the best example, but people want to lose weight overnight without realizing that it took them a while to actually reach that state)
Or even more sad, people give up when 89% has been done. They have the impression nothing is moving, there is nothing they can show for. And unfortunately we trust other people’s opinion more than our own guts. And after so long you start to doubt and listen to others. You have worked hard already for so long but you just can’t see the success around the next corner.

When you start believing in yourself, then there is no doubt that you will reach your goal. You don’t need to be motivated because you are inspired enough from within. Give yourself the patience and persistence to keep going, no matter what. It is not easy, but doing one little step everyday towards your goal is simple.

Do you have friends or family who don’t want you to succeed, because it would mean for them to get out of their comfort zone too? You are the first person who has to believe in your dreams, no one else. You don’t need confirmation or permission from others, you just need to believe in yourself.