When People see a Leader in You

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Just follow me!

That is the moment you are working for and at the same time it represents a new challenge for you.

A leader is someone people look up to and listen to. A leader also manages a team of people with a common goal. A leader keeps learning and knows how to delegate tasks to the team. A leader is able to talk to team members truthfully and with faith. A leader finds solutions to problems and trains team members to become a leader of leaders.

The challenging parts can be:

  • more responsibility
  • public speaking
  • advanced people skills
  • staying true to yourself
  • having a bigger vision than the team
  • keep learning
  • time management
  • others ….

Being a leader comes with rewards but also with more responsibility. Are you willing to reach the next level? Are you willing to sacrifice something in your life temporarily to improve your leadership skills? Are you desperate enough to go for the bigger goal? Will you be able to handle a team of like-minded people joining your journey, desperate to learn from you? Are you still open-minded enough to keep up with technology and improve and speed up processes your team are working on?

Feeling like a leader is something different to being seen as a leader. Work closely with your team but also with your mentor. Stepping up and doing something outside of your comfort zone is something that won’t be unnoticed. Your team will give your feedback immediately.

Are you a leader already? What are your experiences on your enjoy to become a leader?

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