Where does logic come from?

logic = common sense
Use a bit of logic!

We all have heard these phrases either from our beloved parents or committed teachers.

  • That’s logic!
  • Isn’t that logic?
  • Use a bit of logic!

But what is logic actually and where does it come from?
One thing is for sure, logic has nothing spiritual neither any feelings attached. 1+1=2 period. We don’t need to ask the Universe or any other greater spirit for some insights.
Wikipedia describes logic as

… the formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning.

Logis is used in most intellectual activities, but mostly in philosophy, mathematics, semantics and computer science.

I took a course at Uni about logic. No feelings attached, like Lieutenant Commander Data from Startreck (at least until he got the “emotionchip’ implanted).
Just recently I had an IT person looking at me “disturbed” when we worked together on an office network and I said ‘that’s cute’. Hey, how else do you want me to train my people skills. I have to humanize the computer ūüėČ
Ok, back to logic. Can we equalize logic with common sense? Mathematically I don’t think so. In life sometimes yes.

Mathematics tries to explain nature via logic to us. But is this the way to understand Nature? We are one big humankind with millions of different personalities. What’s wrong for one person is right for the other.

Has logic a place in our daily life? We might not be aware of it, but our computers are based on pure logic (they should … The Windows operating systems seems to be not so good in that ;0 ) Logic is quite a¬†theoretically¬†topic and therefore there is nothing to touch. Logic exists. There is nothing like more logic or less. It is just how good we can apply it into our practical lifestyle. That’s what engineers are for!